Stone, Ceramics and Glass Materials and Works of Art


Stone, ceramics and glass are three inorganic materials, which were created either in nature or by man, were occasionally used as works of art after treatment or as utility objects after various constructions. These materials have played a crucial role in human life and at times have been repeatedly used by different cultures for peaceful as well as military purposes.

Obtained from the crust of the Earth, the raw materials and the building materials could take the final form of the object – art monument after proper treatment. Due to the fact that they were highly resistant to the corrosive environmental factors, they were sometimes unchanged serving as testimonies of ancient and historical cultures, to provide today’s and older times with very important data on the cultural heritage of the people.

This book deals with the above – mentioned materials and the corresponding works of art – monuments, that have arisen from them. It will be a great pleasure if it will be of any use in scientists, technicians and people of a relevant area of expertise while working in these scientific fields.



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